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Even The Best Diets Cannot Rely On Willpower Alone To Succeed

by Sarah Parr - June 26th, 2013.
Filed under: Weight Loss.

No matter which diet you decide to participate in, one threat is always lurking: the temptation to cheat. This may be most likely at the beginning of a diet, when old habits are still unbroken and being on a diet may be becoming a challenge. And there’s always the slow creep of time, which can eat away at your meal planning and creating priorities.

One way that dieters may be able to avoid the cheating temptation is by prioritizing their healthier lifestyle. Putting healthy eating and exercise first may not be the easiest thing to do at first, but in time will become a habit that sticks with you for life. Also effective is making healthy changes like food choices and meal preparation a part of your routine instead of something that’s looked upon as a chore.

Cheating is also less likely when there are things in the fridge that are ready to eat, which will require pre-preparation. But there are many healthy foods which can be prepared quickly and easily, such as quinoa, beans, chicken and roasted vegetables. For next day’s lunch, all that’s needed is a quick warm up, and you’re good to go.

Eating at a restaurant is something many dieters dread, as the situation can be rife with temptation. For planned restaurant outings, look up the menu online and choose your meal before you go. If it’s an impromptu meal, don’t be afraid to take your time reviewing the menu to choose the healthiest options for you.

Your breakfast may be the single-most important predictor of how your day will go meal-wise. By beginning the day with a protein and carb-filled breakfast, you will not feel like snacking any time soon. Explore breakfast options like a boiled egg and oatmeal, or a yogurt and berry boost. If you do end up feeling peckish later in the day, nix the urge to cheat by knowing what your trigger foods are and ensure they are out of your sight.

How your meal plate looks is an often-overlooked but very effective way to curb your cheating urge. One popular trick is to use smaller dishes. Not only will they be able to hold less food, but your plate will look full, tricking you into thinking you are getting more food, when in fact you are getting less.

You may be more likely to overeat if you are enjoying a meal with several people. Socializing means longer lingering over food, and therefore a higher likelihood that you will consume all of your meal. Simple tricks like ensuring you start eating last in your group and placing silverware on the table between bites will help you to pace yourself.

The experts supporting the best diets also recommend that dishing out foods from their original containers may make overeating more likely. So for instance, a big bag of popcorn can be portioned into smaller snack-sized bags that can be easily packed for work or school.

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