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Interesting Points Regarding The Medifast Diet

by Sarah Parr - June 23rd, 2013.
Filed under: Weight Loss.

Looking for weight loss programs will most likely involve learning about Medifast. This plan has quite a long history, having been around for a number of decades. And the ability to order meals online has become a major convenience for many busy people who have chosen to live a healthier lifestyle with this plan. The most popular plan offered by Medifast may be the five in one, which has a limit of 1000 calories per day. The plan includes eating five meal replacements and one actual meal that contains salad, vegetables and a lean protein like chicken or fish.

Another interesting fact about the Medifast plan is that it focuses on incorporating good habits in such a way as to make them a part of long-term weight loss maintenance.  No client of this program is on it forever, as they will eventually be weaned from the meals and meal replacements. Exercise, although it plays a minimal role when clients first begin the Medifast Diet, will be required to be done five times per week. And because men and women have different dietary needs, this plan is available in two types, with more soy protein content in the shakes offered on the men’s plan.

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