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Internet Safety Month Being Celebrated In Common Sense Way

by Will Messmer - June 20th, 2013.
Filed under: Home security systems.

June is National Internet Safety Month, and at least one company is celebrating it in an interesting way. Time-Warner Cable just revealed its new campaign. Geared to parents, the campaign is designed to help them teach their kids about safe internet use, as well as how to safely use other technologies. Key issues are purported to be easy to address with this new campaign, and include cyber bullying, respecting the creative works of others and using devices like cell phones responsibly.

The campaign comes as the result of a partnership between the cable giant and Common Sense Media, which provides trustworthy information for families with the goal of allowing them to thrive in this technological world. The new campaign is making an app, called Digital Passport available for no cost to iOS and Android users through August 31st of this year. The app teaches kids about internet safety  basics via games and videos. As a user advances through the topics in the app, they collect badges, which will ultimately result in the user earning a Digital Passport. The new campaign also includes an agreement that can be signed by families which outlines and tracks responsible internet and device usage.

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