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Is It Refinance Home Mortgage Time? Easy Ways to Tell If It’s Time to Refinance

by Will Messmer - June 17th, 2013.
Filed under: refinance.

There are many reasons that a person may be eligible for a lower interest rate than the one they were offered when they initially took out a loan on their home. For some, it may be as simple as the fact that bought years ago when interest rates were higher. Others may have improved financial situations that make them eligible for a lower interest rate. For example, they may now be married and have two incomes instead of one, their own income may have increased, or they may have improved their credit. If the available interest rates or your own situation has changed since you took out your loan then it may be time to look into a refinance home mortgage .

In the past it’s often difficult for people to know if it’s time to take out a refi, simply because they worry that when they do, interest rates will drop a few months later. Remember that it does cost money to refinance, so it’s not something you can simply do every few months. However, in the current financial climate interest rates are at historic lows. It is unlikely that they will go down anytime soon and in fact experts agree they’re likely to be on the rise within the year.

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