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It’s System Administrators To Internet Access Providers, Not The NSA That’s Dangerous: Experts

by Admin - June 24th, 2013.
Filed under: Internet Tips.

With all of the scandal involving the National Security Agency and the amount of access it has to our personal data, the target of our incredulity and anger may be easy to spot. But the NSA isn’t the one who the general public should worry about, according to at least one expert: it’s the individuals who have the access to everything on a system who are in just the right position to leak information or become involved in any blackmailing of higher-ups. The information technology administrators are the ones with this kind of high-level access, and as such, should be paid the most attention to, they say.

That being said, it seems that the National Security Agency is ready to put safeguards in place. These include what the organization refers to as a ‘two man rule’, where system access would be limited by performing a second check on each access attempt by every one of the agency’s 1000 system administrators. In addition to thwarting sys admins, there is also an eye being put on stopping any rogue employees who may use internet access providers to leak information. Tactics include better screening during the hiring process, as well as the addition of more requirements from employees in order to more effectively track their movements.

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