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The Cost Of One Day’s Downtime, And The Importance Of Backup Computer Online

by Sarah Parr - June 21st, 2013.
Filed under: Home security systems.

While it may seem like a daunting task to develop some sort of contingency plan in the event your data becomes corrupted, stolen or lost, it can cost you a lot more money in downtime. Just two years ago, it was reported that, on average, a small business can lose as much as three thousand dollars per downtime day. But it was reported that a medium-sized business can lose as much as $23,000 daily. Along with a web site being down, the cost of labor, lost revenue and service was also calculated.

The scariest part among all of these numbers is the fact that despite the statistics, it was only after an emergency occurred that fifty percent of businesses made the decision to implement some kind of contingency plan for their data, whether it was to backup computer online or use some other method of data backup. Of that fifty percent who developed a plan post-disaster, less than thirty percent actually tested it to ensure it would work. Most of the other fifty percent stated that having a back up plan simply wasn’t a priority for them. Today’s access to services such as the cloud mean that there is no longer a reason for companies to delay or deny their need for a backup plan.

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